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    You Could Lose All of Your Money!!
    Beware of Opportunities That are “Too Good To Be True”!!

    Let Ponzi Finders, LLC through its investigation division, TRUE NORTH DUE DILIGENCE
    find the truth before it is too late for YOU!

    finance“Thank you, TRUE NORTH, for helping me avoid what would have been the worst investment decision of my life. Without your experience, information and guidance, I would have made a very bad choice and probably would have lost everything!
    Words cannot express my gratitude.”
    In different ways, we have heard these words and sentiments from clients, friends and strangers over the years in enough different ways to know that our services have been helpful and will always be in demand.
    Have you ever been asked to participate in an investment that just “doesn’t feel quite right” but you can’t figure out exactly why?
    Have you ever been promised a very low risk or virtually guaranteed return in a business transaction that somehow seems just a little bit too incredible?
    Have you ever been shown an opportunity that is reserved only for a privileged few and just because you know a special person, you have a unique chance to get and invitation in if you do it NOW?
    We cannot tell you about each and every case of scammers, ponzi soliciters or schemers, but they all seem to have things in common. Take a look at these and reflect about whether you may have had any of these thoughts after someone has approached you with a business opportunity?

    1. “How did I get so lucky to have been selected to be allowed into this investment,”

    2. “Maybe I should somehow check it out to make sure that it’s OK. “ (here is where you should call True North Due Diligence immediately)

    3. “I don’t want to call my nephew Andy to ask him about this investment because I don’t want to him to think the less of me.”

    4. Or, “I don’t want to call my nephew Andy because he is always so negative about everything that I do. He will just give it the thumbs down without even checking. He’ll certainly tell me not to invest and as the result, I’ll lose the opportunity to earn thousands upon thousands of dollars. I just feel it. This nice young investment person is so completely honest and I just don’t want to call Andy, I will just trust my judgment and give this fellow a check. They all will be jealous when I start getting large checks each month, or more often.”

    binoculars5. “I got referred to this opportunity by my good friend who I’ve known for over ten years and who has been in this investment for many months now and would never be dishonest with me. My friend said that as been getting $5,000 per month extra spending money on the first of each month for the last 6 months. That could be me!”

    6. “OK, I’ll just start with a small amount of money to see how it works.”

    7. “Gosh that was easy and has now been working for a few months. It must be OK or I wouldn’t be getting checks each month on the dates promised.”

    8. “If it worked for my small amount, then if only I had much more money in to the fund, pool or investment, I could be making $50,000 per month (or some other large amount). Why did I increase my investment so slowly (stupid me)? I could be debt free by now, have my mortgage paid off in full, and be able to travel and relax for the rest of my life if only I had not been so skeptical. I think that it’s time to liquidate my IRA and my 401(k) and go all in. “

    9. “OK, I’m going all in. The investment has been working now for 6 months and I’m convinced that everything must be all right. After all, I’ve spoken to people who have been getting these checks for years now and they are on top of the world. It if was not legitimate, it would have broken down by now.”

    We are all tempted by the promise of large returns! We love the idea that we don’t have to do anything for it but write a check! And with a small bit of proof, we are “ALL IN” hoping these returns never end!
    Money for nothing!
    No work!
    Just sit back and collect your checks each month!
    I’ve finally found the perfect investment for me!
    This is what I’ve been saving all of my life for. An incredible retirement with no effort!

    Don’t be our next sad story

    Interest rates have been low for many years now and have only recently started to rise. Is it any wonder that people are starved for higher rates and more income?
    Do most people ever have a confidant or trusted and experienced advisor who can help them sift through these “opportunities” to identify the danger signs, and possibly even discover the scam BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE?
    Sadly, most people have no one to whom to turn for this help and advice.

    gangsterNow there is help for you.

    True North Due Diligence is a trusted group of experienced individuals who have only your best interest at heart. By inviting us in to use our proprietary methods to verify the truthfulness of claims that are being told to you, you have put a strong protector on your side.
    We are here for you standing by your side as you are pressured or drawn in by the promise of high and risk free cash flow for your “fantasy-land” better life style.
    Our loyalty is only to YOU!
    We analyze and investigate the claims made, promises given, track records presented, and resumes offered in order to identify the crooks and thieves BEFORE YOU LOSE MONEY TO THEM!

    Always remember that if a deal, Sounds too good to be true, It always is!!!!!

    (there are NO exceptions to this rule in this life)

    Let true north be your secret weapon
    Against finding scams before you lose your money!
    Call us today at (303) 322-7919

    Set us loose to prove the truth of these incredible claims. We will take the communication over and deal directly with the individuals who are pressuring you to invest and either get the information to prove them honest, OR NOT!

    Either way, YOU WIN!!